Day 80

Level 2 Chi Kung. Microcosmic orbit.

Nick went for a long bike ride this morning so I was on morning duty with the children. It is a mystery to why the lidded glass bowl I have always used to make the porridge has suddenly started exploding porridge all over the microwave. Hey ho. Did some laundry, sat in the sun, cleaned the kitchen and made Dan Lepard’s Whisky and Ginger Cake (very good). Realised halfway through making the cake that we had run out of baking soda and had to make a trip to the local corner shop to get some more.

I only really enjoy baking when I start with a reasonably immaculate kitchen – with the result that I often start the day with the intention of baking but by the time I have cleaned the kitchen (sometimes several times if people have inconveniently required feeding and created more mess) the opportunity has passed. My hope is that my family will eventually clock that there is a correlation between the extent to which they clear up after themselves, and the likelihood of homemade cake being produced, and be motivated appropriately!

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