Day 253

Level 2 Chi Kung.

Katie off to art again, so had a cruisy day home with Dash. Thumb now getting steadily more and more painful. Can’t type with left hand, so writing this via voice recognition (doesn’t seem to have improved much since I last used it in the 90s) and one-handed thumb typing on the iPhone. Collected the girls and took them, Dash and Sherlock for a run on the heath, making sure that someone else held the lead, and resisting all attempts by the children to get me to carry their artwork/backpacks/jackets/lunch boxes etc. The kids (including fur child!) had a great time, but I was grateful to get home, throw the girls some pasta, take some ibuprofen and ice my hand. Arina is a pleasure to have around – she and Katie played happily out in the garden until it was full dark. I have promised the girls a sleepover in the next few weeks.

Still not typing and, having failed to find a good alternative, will necessarily keep posts short.

2 thoughts on “Day 253

    1. It’s fine now Tom, I got advice from my favourite on-line physio (a friend who now lives in France).

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