Day 252

Level 2 Chi Kung.

Dash’s birthday, so last night I did the late night trail around the house creating a trail of red and blue string (Superman’s colours) to lead him to his presents. At 11am Katie’s friend Agnes and her mum Rhiannon arrived for a play date. I made Dash’s favourite gingerbread pancakes for brunch and accidentally added an extra egg by mistake. Best ones I’ve ever made! I’m definitely going for 2 eggs from now on. By coincidence, it was also Agnes’ birthday so it was good to have the garden for the kids to run off the treats in, and very good to re-connect with Rhiannon, who I haven’t seen for ages. Towards the end of the afternoon, Agnes decided to hose the dog – the dog wasn’t keen! – and managed to get most of the water on herself. She is a little bigger than Katie, so she eventually went home looking very cute, dressed in Dashi’s clothes.

By evening my left thumb was starting to hurt and look a bit swollen – I suspect it was wrenched yesterday, when I was holding the lead a bit awkwardly and Sherlock suddenly took off after a squirrel.

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