Day 251

Level 2 Chi Kung.

Up early to collect Katie from Elias’ house and get her off to her art class. Arriving at the Conservatoire, we discovered Arina already installed. Both girls showed their delight by doing that silent punching the air in triumph thing. Very cute. After dropping Katie off, I immediately texted Lena to offer to pick up both girls and take them to the Age Exchange for afternoon tea after the course. Lena responded ‘Yes, I knew it was a good idea to put Arina in this class.’

Dash and I had a cruisy day together, then headed back to pick the girls up. When I told Arina that she would be coming with us for afternoon tea, she turned to Katie and said ‘See, I told you, your mummy would be picking me up.’ I think maybe I might be getting a bit predictable!

After tea at the Age Exchange, Arina was keen for a run about on the heath but Lena and I both felt it was time to go to our respective homes. I hate being a spoilsport though, so after we got home I texted Lena and arranged to collect both girls from their class on Friday, take them for a run about on the heath and then home to mine for a playdate and dinner.

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