Day 79

Level 2 Chi Kung. Microcosmic orbit.

I am continually amazed at the growing strength in my hands since starting level 2 Chi Kung – the ‘claw like an eagle’ bit really works. Today I opened a fresh jar of sauerkraut without resorting to gadgets, running it under warm water, cursing etc.

A lazy day, basking in the afterglow of having such a lovely time with Denise Ball on Thursday and Friday. Did a bit of tidying, and put the apple sauce Denise made from our windfall apples in the freezer, but otherwise spent the day sitting or lying about resting the knee.

Katie announced this morning that she and Dash had packed a picnic and that they intended to have it on the heath. I explained that Nick would have to take them as I didn’t want to do much walking today and she was fine with that. I asked if she needed any food or anything for the picnic but she assured me that everything was already organised. She had packed: a towel to sit on, some dry rice bubbles to eat, a bottle of water and two cups. She explained that she and Dash would use the cups and Nick could drink directly from the bottle.

Several visits from young foxes this afternoon, which makes me think that, although Mr and Mrs Fox didn’t breed in our backyard this year, they probably weren’t far away. If the conservationists succeed in reintroducing lynx, I wonder if we will one day have lynx’s slipping across the bottom of the garden?

Amidst all this domesticity it is usually only through Richard Bolstad‘s posts that I am aware of the approach of war, but today it was all over radio 4. It is even scarier hearing it through a medium that doesn’t usually convey anything more troubling than Gardener’s Question Time. I admit to being nervous, as it’s getting hard to see how this can end well. I feel like a character from Elizabeth Jane Howard’s Cazalet Chronicles, only lacking a convenient family estate in Sussex to repair to when push comes to shove.

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