Day 72

Delighted to report dramatic progress on recovery of injured knee. After doing my old favourite, the Six Step Reframe, on knee pain this morning, I was able to comfortably do Level 2 Chi Kung STANDING UP, with hands on floor in the relevant bits! The only remaining modifications being that I had my feet about an inch apart (to accommodate the fact that my right knee is still a little swollen) and, when it came to the part where you stand on one foot, I only did the left, as I thought putting my full weight on my right leg might be pushing it a bit far. By the time I had finished, I felt so good that I decided to take a gentle walk up to the village (my first trip out without having Nick to lean on) and all went well. Other than going fairly slowly, and paying more attention than usual to uneven paving stones etc, it felt pretty normal.

It was so frustrating trying to do ordinary things like unpacking and tidying when every step hurt and felt dangerous – I feel so relieved and grateful to be getting back to normal. In the past, it has always taken weeks to recover from knee injuries, so I can only assume that it is the Chi Kung making the difference. It is rapidly becoming my new Rawleigh’s Ointment – worth trying for whatever ails you!

Meanwhile Nick took Sherlock to the groomer – to the famous Laura this time. We tried to get an appointment back in May but the 23rd of August was the first appointment we could get! Anyway, it seems she was worth waiting for, Sherlock seems happy and looks gorgeous.

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