Day 73

Level 2 Chi Kung – some parts twice, as I was interrupted on the first attempt by Jack appearing in my room and saying “there’s burning downstairs”! Fortunately it was only some thoroughly cremated toast. Microcosmic orbit.

Nick went for a bike ride this morning and in the afternoon I took Kate and Dash to see How To Train Your Dragon 2. Great fun – and Hiccup’s mummy, Valka, is definitely the coolest mummy in cinema, with a very nice line in wing-walking. I have now forsaken Elastigirl and definitely want to be Valka when I grow up.

After we got home, Dash rather surprised us by saying that he thinks that Sherlock is unhappy after his trip to the groomer. I asked if he meant that he thinks Sherlock is cold now that his fur is shorter but he said no, he thinks Sherlock is unhappy because he doesn’t feel comfortable with his new physical appearance, because he no longer feels as cuddly! Sherlock seems happy as a clam to me but until one of us learns to speak dog, it’s impossible to say for sure one way or the other. Since Dash also had a haircut yesterday, it did occur to me that he might be projecting…

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