Day 71

Level 2 Chi Kung sitting down. Microcosmic orbit.

A bright sunny, warm-if-you’re-in-the-sun days. Weeded the raised rose bed (raised beds are so great – no strain on the knees!) and supervised Katie in the swimming pool. It was funny watching her motivation to swim overcome her shock at how bloody cold the water was – she put one leg over the side, leaped out again, tried the other leg, leaped out, then decided she might wait until it was warmer. When I said “It won’t get any warmer today – if you are going in today, now’s the time”, she plucked up her courage and took the plunge. I had goose bumps just watching (from a safe distance).

Have felt all day like I’m swimming through waves of intense desire for sleep. I attribute this partly to the knee injury – although I am getting steadily more mobile, moving around without hurting myself requires constant concentration. And today it was aggravated by the fact that the babysitter put the kids to bed really early last night, (whereas we of course went to bed late after the theatre) with the result that Katie appeared in my room early this morning, climbed into bed with me and launched into a long-winded account of a dream she had last night. Every now and then she would poke me and say sharply “Are you listening to me? Because it looks like you’re going to sleep!”

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