Day 50

Sherlock and I walked Dash and Katie to art class then pottered home to a peaceful hour of watering and weeding. Level 2 Chi Kung – Body and Mind Method was noticeably more comfortable today and – amazingly – in the part where it goes “and if your hands don’t reach the floor, then just imagine that they do”, suddenly, what did I feel under my fingers but floorboards! Microcosmic orbit was lovely – all the various coloured energies showed up on cue – and very energising. Jade egg practice went well. The rest of the day wasn’t quite so much fun as I struggled to sort out a mess caused by my very slow and not particularly ept estate agent back in Christchurch.

Since the article Richard Bolstad posted about sharing, the universe seems to be drawing my attention to sharing-type issues. First there was the elderly couple outside Giraffe who wanted to “share” our patch of shade to the extent that we were edged completely out of it. Then last night at the theatre, there was the person who had bought a standing ticket, but thought everyone in the row should scrunch up so that she could have a seat! Then I remembered an incident years ago in Covent Garden at one of those cafes where one buys food at the counter and then finds a table – which of course carries the risk that one ends up wandering around with a heavy tray and nowhere to sit. There is a delicate etiquette involved in avoiding this situation – one wants to reserve a table by leaving something on it, but that something needs to be unattractive to thieves. Thus leaving a handbag or briefcase on the table is asking to be robbed, but a newspaper or a fairly ordinary item of clothing is probably safe enough. On the day in question I left a pristine just-purchased copy of The Guardian and a sweatshirt. 15 minutes later, after a long queue for food, I returned to find a bunch of antipodeans sitting at my table – they had thrown my sweatshirt on the ground and were happily reading my newspaper. They wouldn’t budge and only very reluctantly returned the newspaper!

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