Day 49

First let me say that I love it when it’s so warm that you can walk home at twenty to midnight in a sleeveless silk top and not feel the slightest regret at not having brought a jacket.

Sherlock and I walked Dash to his art class and, on the way home, Sherlock once again did his best impression of a well-trained dog with beautiful manners – for about one third of the way. The rest of the way he went back to his usual pattern of either dawdling or doing his best to drag me along the footpath at breakneck speed. Level 2 Chi Kung – Body and Mind Method. MIcrocosmic orbit. Both went well, and the microcosmic orbit was particularly enjoyable.

I was pleasantly surprised when, at 4:30pm, I arrived at my doctor’s – after an afternoon of rushing, a mad dash across London, and a brisk run up two flights of stairs – and my blood pressure was 105 over 68! Very gratifying.

Dinner at Baltic with Nick Curnow, then across to the Young Vic for an amazing production of A Streetcar Named Desire. I was good to see Harry Medawar¬†and meet Nicola Seager Medawar – though slightly confusing to discover that they had the same seats as us – a glitch born out of Harry’s generosity in booking the tickets for me when they were only open to Friends of the Young Vic! It was all resolved and no one had to sit in anyone else’s lap – which was all to the good.

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