Day 51

A cruisy day. Level 2 Chi Kung Body and Mind Method. Microcosmic orbit. Jade egg practice. All good. Booked some theatre tickets, sat on the swing seat with Katie and did cloud-gazing (one of her favourite pastimes) and starting packing the children’s clothes for Italy. We don’t normally start packing until about midnight the night before we leave but this time I decided that it would be a pleasant change to be organised. Plus the children have all been growing so fast (must be all that good compost I spread around their feet) that I thought it might be prudent to check what still fits them while we still have a little time to shop before we leave. Nick has been busy sorting out the automatic watering to keep all the newly-planted stuff going while we are away. Tomorrow we are going to buy a small, lightweight toaster to take with us. Toast is essential to Jack’s happiness and we haven’t forgotten the struggle to obtain it on our last trip to Naples!

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