Day 46

Cool with light rain this morning, brightening into another lovely day. Dropped Kate and Dash at art class. Level 2 Chi Kung – Body and Mind Method (very difficult today – had to remind myself that Lift Chi Up once felt difficult and is now as comfortable as a pair of old slippers). Microcosmic orbit. Jade egg practice. Extreme dog walking.

Have been feeling a strong urge to up-sticks and move to Crete (Nick could work remotely, I could grow figs and write a light-hearted “life in Crete” column for The Guardian) so I thought I’d better do something to remind myself of why I like living here! I got the NZ tax return underway, then took Sherlock with me when I went to collect the kids and we all went for a long walk on the heath. There were some people flying kites, including one guy kite-buggying, which looked amazing. We talked to him when he paused for a bit and I asked how long he had been doing it to get that good. He said 21 years and that he sometimes gives lessons on the heath but that I would probably be better to learn on holiday on a nice flat stretch of beach somewhere. I agreed that I would probably prefer to try it somewhere where all the school-gate mummies aren’t going to see me!

When Sherlock was a bit younger, a 45 minute walk was enough to completely tire him out. Today I walked him for over 3 hours altogether and he was almost as lively at the end as at the start. I wish I could say the same!

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