Day 45

Another gorgeous day. Level 2 Chi Kung – Body and Mind Method (some parts definitely more difficult in bare feet). Microcosmic orbit. Jade egg practice. Katie’s party. Relax-tivity (strolling and talking) with Nick Curnow.

As of yesterday we had had only one positive response to the party invitations, from Felix and his parents. Katie was a bit disappointed: ‘Oh, so it will be more of a play-date than a party” but then did an instant reframe ‘but luckily Felix is the most fun, so having him will be like having a whole bunch of children”. We moved some of the outdoor furniture down to the shady area by the pool and trampoline and prepared trays of drinks and nibbles. Katie and Felix hurtled from pool to trampoline and back, occasionally cruising for party food en route, while we chatted with Felix’s parents, who seem very nice, drank Cloudy Bay and nibbled on a perfectly ripe camembert and a bowl of strawberries. In due course Katie whispered to me that she thought it was time for cake and very carefully and solemnly cut slices and served everyone. One of the benefits of a Montessori education is that she takes hostessing very seriously and does it beautifully!

Tomorrow I will suggest to Katie that if next time she involves me in planning the party from the start, I might be able to use my grown-up-type wiles to help her pick a date when more people can come.

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