Day 47

Level 2 Chi Kung – Body and Mind Method. Microcosmic Orbit. Jade egg practice. The Body and Mind Method went much better today – I have been focusing on the bits I find very challenging (not to mention hurt-y) and suddenly thought that it might be a whole lot more helpful to pay attention to the bits where I am aware of improvement every day. Duh!!!

A lovely cruise-y day with the kids. We all slept in and had a leisurely morning before heading to the funfair on Blackheath. A surreal conversation with Dash on the way to the funfair:

me: I’m happy – it’s a lovely day and I am with my two favourite people.
Dash: Your two favourite people?
me: Well, two of my favourite people. Of course Jack and Daddy are my favourites too.
Dash: What about Sherlock?
me: Well, Sherlock isn’t my favourite the way you and Katie and Jack and Daddy are my favourites.
Dash: Why?
me (starting to feel a little on the back foot): I don’t know. I guess because he’s a dog?
Dash (sounding upset): Oh!
me: Do you think that’s bad?
Dash: Yes! That must be why he bites us, because he’s jealous that you don’t love him as much as your other children.
me: What do you think I could do to make Sherlock feel better?
Dash: You could spend some special time with just you and Sherlock.

Dash had a great time on all the rides – Kate was a bit more cautious, which was lovely as Dash got to be the hero-big-brother. By the time we were done with the funfair, there was no wind, so the kids had ice cream and I had cranberry tea while we waited to see if the wind would come up enough to get the kites off the ground. No wind, but Katie was determined, so I got one of the kites out for her and let her find out for herself how exhausting it is to fly a kite when there is no wind. Eventually even Katie had had enough and we took the long way home across the Heath. Katie then splashed about in the pool for an hour while I “supervised” from a prone position on the trampoline. Spent a lovely hour weeding, deadheading and watering in the cool of the evening, with a beautiful sunset lighting up the sky, then had some alone-time with Sherlock. The things we do for love!

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