Day 198

Level 2 Chi Kung – back on track 🙂

One of my Christmas presents this year was a new iPhone. Nick has been suggesting for several years now that I upgrade from my now ancient (in mobile phone terms) iPhone 3GS but I a) don’t believe in getting rid of anything that still does the job and b) didn’t like the look of the iPhone 4 or 5. The iPhone 6 however, was a horse of a different colour – not only was it beauteous to behold but it’s arrival coincided with my faithful 3GS refusing to take photos on the grounds that it was groaning under the weight of a full load of books, audiobooks and (mostly) music. And at the same time, my lovely Dashi was desperate for the family trickle-down economics to trickle in his direction so that he could have my old phone…

When we passed Nick’s old 3GS on to Katie, it had been sitting around unused for months and we had plenty of time to tidy it up (and put it in a pink case studded with sequins!) before handing it over on her birthday. This time we were attempting to do the transfer much more quickly as both phones were Christmas presents. As a result, much time has been spent over the last few days trying to get the new phone set up and the old phone ready for Dashi. All of which was complicated by the fact that I had never quite got around to getting my old phone to sync with the new iMac I got back in March, because every time I tried to connect the phone to the computer I got a message asking if I was sure I wanted to completely wipe Jessamine’s iPhone. I finally worked out how to authorise the new computer and then went through the tedious process of setting up the old computer, doing a sync and back up (just in case) and then authorising and syncing the old phone with the new computer. At which point I discovered that it had somehow lost over 700 tracks! After hours of pfaffing around, we got it to the point where only 42 tracks were missing, at which point we decided near enough was good enough, and I was able to put the old phone in it’s new (lion-patterned!) case, and hand it over to a grateful Dashi.

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