Day 199

Level 2 Chi Kung.

The first app Dash installed on his new phone is one which allows you to film your family and then use special effects to give them superpowers. He appeared at my bedroom door this morning wanting to film me teleporting or shooting laser beams out of my eyes. I told him I didn’t want to be filmed while I was still in my robe (you never know what might find it’s way onto YouTube). He appeared again just as I was getting out of the shower and tried again. I guess technically I wasn’t in my robe any more…

The Christmas cake I have been diligently feeding with brandy since stir-up Sunday was nevertheless disappointingly dry. Not to worry though, as it can be reborn into a more delicious existence as several batches of Nigella’s Christmas pudding truffles. Yum.

As well as being press-ganged into starring in multiple superhero films, my other must-do today was to get stir-crazy Sherlock out for a walk. Not as much fun since he broke his lead when we were out walking on Christmas morning. We haven’t been able to fix it and the spare lead (short and not extendable) is a very poor substitute. We managed a walk to the dog park in Manor House Gardens, where I was very relieved to let the maniac off the lead to run with a couple of other dogs for half an hour. He is much calmer this evening, though still up to his sock-stealing mischief.

It’s not even 10:30 pm yet but I might have to hit the hay. I was making another trifle this evening (Nick suggested that, since the trifle I made for Christmas day was close to perfect, needing only a slightly heavier hand with the alcohol, I might as well make another and see if I could get it even better!) when I noticed a recipe on the bottle of lychee liqueur for a lychee champagne cocktail. I only had one, honest, but I feel half lit.

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