Day 197

Boxing Day. No Chi Kung 🙁

Lovely visit from my nephew and his wife and their little boy Tiger. Tiger was initially a bit frightened of the dog and correspondingly reluctant to leave his mum’s side. Apparently he picked up a fear of dogs, along with a tendency to say words like ‘butter’ and ‘water’ without sounding the ‘t’s, from his south London babysitter. This (both the fear of dogs and the estuary accent) has horrified Tiger’s South African-born Mum even more than his NZ-born Dad. Tiger thawed eventually though, and by the end of the visit he was on the (rather damp) trampoline and playing in the playhouse and on the swing seat with Katie. It was lovely to see the wee cousins bonding, and Katie was over the moon at having a wee one to mother. I think it is one of the things she misses most from Montessori.

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