Day 193

Level 2 Chi Kung.

Second coat on the log cabin (not such hard work as the first coat yesterday) but complicated by the presence of an agency cleaner. I don’t like to use agencies, because you pay top whack and the cleaner only gets minimum wage, but they target people advertising for cleaners and can be very persistent. These guys spotted that i checked out their website and kept emailing me progressively more attractive deals. When they got to £20 off a 4.5 hour clean I thought I might as well give them a shot for one of the weeks that Glacier-girl was going to be back in Hungary. It wasn’t a success – she arrived half an hour late, I couldn’t understand her accent and she couldn’t understand mine. She then packed up and announced she was leaving after three hours. I pointed out that I had booked 4.5 hours but she said that they were telling her to get to her next job. I said fine, not to worry, Merry Christmas and that I would sort it out with the office. But she rang the doorbell again ten minutes later and said that they had told her to stay. She stayed another half hour or so, (so still well short of the 4.5 hours booked) then left without mentioning that she had broken the crisper drawer on the fridge. Hey ho.

Made the base for a triple mixture of ginger crunch so that there will be enough to fill a tin for my nephew and his wife.

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