Day 194

Level 2 Chi Kung.

While Nick, having sealed the underside of the cabin floorboards yesterday, laid the floor and applied the first coat of seal. Kate and Dash both helped level the floorboards into place. I took Katie with me to Borough Market and then to Elliotts Row to check that the repairs to the leaking shower were ok before paying the plumber’s invoice. A bit worried about the state of the place. After the last tenants, who stayed for 10 years and always kept the place clean and tidy, these lads are a bit of a shock to the system.

The market was full of stalls selling wonderful-smelling food but all the good stalls had queues out along the street and, with Katie being a bit particular, I would probably have had to queue twice. In the end we ducked into the market branch of Fish! and had a rather expensive lunch, which nevertheless made us both feel slightly queasy.

After Elliotts Row we made our way to the South Bank to meet Nick and Dash. Katie had a great time while we waited for the boys: scampering about on the climbing frames, looking around the Christmas market, eating candy floss. When the boys arrived, we took the children to dinner at Giraffe (dreadful but the kids like it) then went to see Timber! A family of lugubrious Quebecois lumberjacks whose act is based around feats of log-balancing, wood-chucking, and axe-juggling. Very clever and quietly funny – and definitely eye-candy for those who like the beardy, muscly type.

Got home and made the icing for the ginger crunch, then foolishly stayed up until nearly 3 am doing bits and pieces.

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