Day 192

Level 2 Chi Kung.

I was thinking that I might have to work quite hard this year to make Christmas special for Katie: she got gradually more downhearted as all her friends departed for Christmas in France, Italy and Finland, all saying how dreadful it must be not to ‘go home’ for Christmas and to spend it instead in boring old London. For me, I have always found Christmas in London rather wonderful – a little less so now than when we lived in Bayswater, but still. Everyone leaves, and those of us left suddenly have the city all to ourselves. Anyway, I needn’t have worried. Having done the clear primer coat yesterday, today we began applying the first top coat to the log cabin. We gave Katie a paint brush and she was happy as a pig in mud, and a genuine help, taking care of all the awkward low bits! Unfortunately, young Sherlock was also very excited about the painting, eager to resume his in depth examination of my ear canal every time I bent down to do the low bits! As a result his beautiful chocolate brown coat now has a number of attractive blue highlights.

The photo below shows the cabin with it’s first coat mostly complete. The door, window and door frames, and sofit will eventually be white and we will put some pavers down on the concrete out front.

Log cabin 5








Sherlock with highlights

After we finished painting, I had a nice hot shower and then got onto the baking again, and made a triple mixture of spice biscuits. It is one thing that seems to find favour with everyone – so they don’t last very long. Tomorrow I might make some slugs or ginger crunch (which only Nick and I like) to ensure that there is something available to give any visitors over Christmas.

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