Da 191

Level 2 Chi Kung.

I went upstairs at 7pm last night to do some bits and pieces on the computer and immediately came down with a bad case of QWERTY-face. Felt so tired that, instead of going downstairs and attempting to be sociable (i.e. falling asleep on the sofa) I just put the electric blanket on and was washed, flossed, brushed and in bed by 8pm. Woken at 1:30am by Nick finally coming to bed, I thought that might be it for the night, but no, I went back to sleep and, give or take 15 minutes, pretty much slept the clock round. I did have a strange and rather sad dream. I was attempting to fly out of Singapore but was finding the airport confusing. This in itself is strange as Changi, in spite of being large and busy, is so well designed it is actually one of the world’s least confusing airports. But in the dream it was more maze-like, and Chinese people kept pressing boxes of luridly coloured sweets on me. In the dream I kept myself going with the thought that I just had to get on the plane and then when I got to NZ, I could relax and be looked after. Then I arrived and got off the plane, only to discover that, in the dream as in life, my parents are dead and there isn’t anyone to look after me.  🙁

Performance day for Katie’s trampolining class. Parents aren’t normally allowed in the room so I haven’t seen Katie in action before. She has only been going a couple of months so I was impressed with how well she performed her routine. When she came over at the end to show me her certificate and get a hug, I couldn’t help noticing that there was nothing under her leggings that she wasn’t born with. I don’t know what it is with that girl, she’ll go commando every chance she gets! I asked her on the way home what she has against knickers (not her bottom obviously) and she said she just can’t be bothered. Hey ho.

It is a matter of some urgency to get the log cabin painted before bad weather sets in, and the paint can only be applied when the temperature is above 8 degrees. In practical terms, this means we need to do it in the middle chunk of the already short winter day. In view of this, I had said to Nick that I would help with the painting. However I was really nurturing a secret hope that he would take care of it, allowing me to get on with other stuff. So when I got home from trampolining and saw that he was out the back, painting the cabin, I went out hoping that he would say that he had it under control and there was no need for me to help. I have no idea why I thought this might happen – we have been together for 27 years and he has never once said anything remotely like this, or turned down an offer of help with DIY (no matter how tentative or insincere that offer might be!) – but I guess hope springs eternal! So the rest of the day was spent applying a clear primer coat to the log cabin and plans to get more Christmas baking done (everything other than the Christmas cake itself having been either eaten or given away) went right out the window.

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