Day 144

Level 2 Chi Kung. Microcosmic orbit.

Everyone back to school and I was looking forward to making progress on a bunch of stuff. Jack was a bit reluctant to go – saying he was ill – but Nick and I were of the view that he has just got a bit fond of staying home with mummy and being pampered. We sent him off and I phoned the school to warn them that he might be a bit reluctant and perhaps they could make sure he got to do something he enjoyed in order to remind him that school can be fun. Got a call back from the school around 11am to say that Jack had a temperature of 102! He eventually arrived home, looking completely normal, and devoured 4 slices of wholemeal toast, an apple and a plate of cheese and crackers. It seems to me that there are three possibilities:

1) the school has a calibration problem with their thermometer
2) Jack has something like mono, that comes and goes
3) Jack has control of his physiology such that he can raise his temperature at will.

So, today’s action plan is:

a) buy a forehead thermometer and send it to school with Jack
b) make a GP appointment to check out 2).

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