Day 145

Level 2 Chi Kung. Microcosmic orbit.

A happy day for young Sherlock, as he not only got to accompany us on the morning school run but he then got another walk in the afternoon when we took Katie to cello. He seems to have got over his antipathy to rain – which is just as well considering where we live! In between these two high points, I decided to let him come upstairs with me. We have gradually been giving him a little more freedom to wander the house, a process that hasn’t always gone smoothly. Notably, about a week ago, Nick and I had just got to a particularly exciting bit in Breaking Bad (because we don’t have a television we tend to get to the good stuff a couple of years after it’s finished!) when the screen suddenly went blank. We thought we might have struck a scratch on the DVD or something, but no, investigation revealed that young Sherlock had chewed through the network cable. This briefly put me in mind of a university friend (an avowed pacifist and vegetarian) who, cross that his little brother’s pet rabbits had chewed through the sound cables on his expensive stereo, taped all the sound cables up out of bunny-reach, but left the power cables temptingly on the floor…

So I was slightly nervous about having Sherlock upstairs – not least because of the significant opportunities for the theft and chewing up of socks – but in the end he surprised me on two counts. First, he didn’t seem intent on stealing laundry, and second, he didn’t seem very interested in staying close to me. Instead he made for Jack’s room (which has the thickest carpet in the house – I hate carpet but so far we have only got around to removing the stuff in my bedroom) found a patch of sun and settled down for some quality time with a rawhide chew-stick.

Shooting season, so this pheasant had very sensibly sought refuge in the churchyard.
Shooting season, so this pheasant had very sensibly sought refuge in the churchyard.

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