Day 143

Level 2 Chi Kung.

When a text arrives at 09:04 on a Sunday morning, it’s a good guess that the person who sent it has been waiting for 9 am to roll around, in order for it to be a socially acceptable time to bother someone. The text that arrived this morning was from Estelle, one of the school gate mummies, saying that Clara had been nagging her for hours to phone me and find out when she should come around for the party! Katie had mentioned on the Friday school broke up that she and Clara had been planning a party at our place and that Clara was going to come an hour early to set up, and bring a disco ball(!) but when I asked her when this was meant to happen, they didn’t seem to have set a date. I texted Estelle back that there wasn’t a party and waited with some trepidation to see if anyone else was going to show up. No one did luckily.

Mummy morning, so made gingerbread pancakes, then got the children onto writing their notes to Santa. Katie was very secretive about hers but I sneaked a peak and discovered that she has asked for snow, a puppy AND a baby sister. Santa’s going to have his work cut out this year!

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