Day 142

Level 2 Chi Kung.

Although we don’t celebrate Halloween ourselves, we like to have some sweets available for trick-or-treating children, so Nick asked me to pick some up on the way home from the course last night. On the bus back to Charing Cross, I got into the spirit and gave some sweets to the driver and to a little girl in a witch costume. Arriving in Blackheath, I had a bit of a close call: at the bus stop, there was a mother and son pair dressed as halloween pumpkins. I was about to congratulate them and give them some sweets when I realised that they weren’t actually in costume – they were just rather spherical individuals wearing bright orange puffa jackets!

Blackheath’s big night – on which the village demonstrates the advantage of a large, and largely treeless, green space. I had managed to secure a ticket for the Met Live screening of Carmen with Anita Rachvelishvili as Carmen and was really looking forward to it – she has an amazing voice and is such a gorgeous, voluptuous, dark-eyed beauty that she seems born to play the role – but when I realised that it clashed with the fireworks there was no contest. Fortunately demand is such that the Picturehouse refunds tickets up to noon on the day. And the fireworks didn’t disappoint – a really lovely display.

20151101 Fireworks

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