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Wonderful quote from Shirley Conran (of ‘Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom’ fame) on Radio 4 this morning: ‘They wanted to know, at what age do women stop having orgasms. I said “Why are you asking me? How would I know, I’m only 80.” ‘


Found on FB, from Rosie Made A Thing.
Found on FB, from Rosie Made A Thing. Must be time to get started on our notes to Santa.








At 17:18, I looked in the mirror and realised that I have had my jumper on inside out all day (a day which has included Dashi’s guitar lesson and lunch at a fairly posh local restaurant). The seams are quite neat, so not terribly obvious, but the laundry instructions sewn into the righthand side seam are a bit of a give-away.

And because I come from a superstitious family, I will now have to leave it like this until I go to bed, because it is bad luck to change it.


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