Day 93

Level 2 Chi Kung Body and Mind Process (just the once). Microcosmic orbit.

My turn to sleep in, so had a lazy morning, then did Chi Kung. A bit of cleaning and shopping, then roasted a lovely big organic chicken for dinner. Didn’t do anything fancy – just washed it, put a quartered lemon in the cavity and rubbed some rock salt on the skin. Very juicy and tasty. Baked some new potatoes a la Delia Smith (rubbed with olive oil and sprinkled with rock salt), steamedcarrots and broccoli and made a quick salad of julienned courgette with a basil oil and lemon juice dressing. Saved the pan juices from the chicken to make stock. I love chicken soup and, as you can’t get bags of organic necks, carcasses and giblets here, I generally only get to make it from the bones of a roast chicken. And then I usually end up using the stock in a risotto or something, but this time it is definitely going to be soup.

A couple of weeks ago, Nick was on a bus when he was amused to hear a woman, who had got on the bus with several little girls, call out to one of them ‘Destiny, go and sit down beside Glory’. A few days later, I was on the bus when a woman got on with four little girls and called out to the littlest ‘Paradise, come and sit here by me’. I was desperate to find out if Paradise’ sisters were Glory and Destiny and what the 4th one might be called (Fate? Salvation? Charity?), but the bus was crowded and there was no chance.

Conkers are so beautiful – it is such a shame that, aside from being a natural moth deterrent, they are no use to man nor beast. It is said that squirrels eat them, but our squirrels seem to prefer to chomp on my allium bulbs.

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