Day 91

Level 2 Chi Kung. Microcosmic orbit (very impressive light effects).

Unfortunately the promising-looking archive boxes at Tiger turned out to be shoe-box-sized so useless for documents, so I ended up on something of a Great Hort Hunt for something more appropriate. Didn’t find anything so I decided to make do with whatever boxes we have lying around the house and then wandered around the supermarket and bought some salmon, and a nice organic chicken to roast over the weekend. Got a bit more of the filing-cabinet purge done but still a lot to go – in “darkness before the dawn” terms, it is still pretty bloody dark!

NT Live screening of Skylight (with Carey Mulligan and Bill Nighy) this evening. We missed out on the live production as we were already either booked up or on holiday every single Thursday (the only night we have a babysitter) of its run. For those in France and NZ, note that there will be an international screening on the 23rd of October. As well as the play – which is brilliant, you get to see an interesting little interview with David Hare in the interval. Asked why he thought everybody was still saying that the play was relevant 18 years on, he said something like: “Well, when I wrote it we had just had 15 years of an elitist government that had completely lost touch with real life and was so in love with entrepreneurs that it completely devalued people like nurses and teachers and people in public service who actually do real work. And now of course we have just had four years of a government that has done exactly the same thing.”. Made me remember seeing another David Hare play, The Absence of War, back in the 90s, with the wonderful John Thaw as the Neil Kinnock character. I remember at the time, friends in the Labour Party couldn’t bring themselves to go to the play as it was just too heartbreaking.

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