Day 90

Level 2 Chi Kung. Microcosmic orbit (really fabulous – amazing light show in blues and violets).

In the normal way of things, I’m not much of a procrastinator – I used to be, but not for the last ten years – for good or ill, the NLP procrastination cure works like a bastard. So I have been surprised over the last few days to have that procrastination feeling. And because I hadn’t really planned any particular activity for these first weeks that the children were back in school, it was hard to tell what exactly I was avoiding. Well today I decided, on a whim, to clear out the racks in the kitchen where newspapers and magazines and assorted other bits and pieces go to die – or rather to spend a while in purgatory before their ultimate fate is decided. Well about 80% of it went straight into the recycling bin, various school library books were set aside to be sent back to the appropriate school tomorrow, a few bits and pieces went into piles for action by either Nick or myself, but the remainder was, inevitably, filing. At which point I discovered what I have been avoiding. It has reached the point where it is no longer possible to get another document into the filing cabinet, which means I need to do my least favourite job and go through and purge it. I hate this partly because Nick and I are a long way from being on the same page when it comes to what should be kept (Nick: everything, me: as little as possible). However it has occurred to me that, now that we have an attic, there is a third way! I can ‘archive’ stuff that isn’t immediately useful and stash it in the loft. I think I recall seeing some suitable A4-sized boxes cheap as chips in Tiger, so I will be down there tomorrow to stock up.

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