Day 87

Level 2 Chi Kung. Microcosmic orbit.

Nick was off on one of his long cycle trips, so I was on morning duty. One consequence of this is that I tend to have little visitors when I’m doing Chi Kung. Katie and Dash have long been fascinated due to the similarity to the actions in ‘Tree Fu Tom’ – a favourite cartoon. Katie even does the microcosmic orbit with me sometimes and it is hilarious watching her very seriously doing bellows breaths, stroking her tiny nipples etc. But today was the first time Jack has shown an interest. This is very exciting as I would love to get Jack to the point where he would do it with me. I’m sure it would be very good for him.

I forgot to mention yesterday that we saw a woodpecker in the back garden. We have heard them many times but normally they are completely hidden by foliage so this is the first time we have seen one.

Katie organised a party today just for the two of us, with a long list of activities for us to complete together, including gardening, dancing, cuddling Sherlock, her reading me The Gruffalo, drawing decorations and party food.

Although it’s years since I lived in the southern hemisphere, I still feel the urge to spring clean at this time of year, so today I bit the bullet and started going through the children’s drawers, sorting out what still fits them, what needs mending and what needs to go to the charity shop or in the recycling bin. Now that Katie is showing an interest in patchwork, I also have a fifth category: stuff that might be useful to cut up for future projects. I will be picking up conkers over the next few days to pack in with the clothes that will go to the attic. Conkers are a natural moth repellent and I really wish more people would cotton on to this as, at this time of year, public transport is made almost unbearable by the stench of mothballs as people get last year’s coats out of storage – very unpleasant!

I had a much more comfortable sleep last night with very little knee pain, which confirms my feeling that taking it quietly yesterday was a good idea. I worked out that I was walking around 3.5 to 4 miles each day getting Dash to and from school, and I think it was just a bit too much at this stage of recovery.

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