Day 70

Level 2 Chi Kung sitting down. Microcosmic orbit.

Katie wanted to have a “summer party” – just for us – she hadn’t invited anyone this time, and decorated the kitchen with pictures of sunflowers, bluebells and honey bees. She was reasonably sanguine when it started raining and readily agreed that we would eat the food in the kitchen and then snuggle up and watch a movie instead of the swimming and trampolining she had originally planned. I heated a wheat-sack and the children fetched quilts and we all snuggled up on the sofa and watched Frozen (again). In the evening, Nick and I were lucky to have tickets to Great Britain – a play about phone hacking which was rehearsed in secret for six months to avoid contempt of court while they waited for the various legal actions to conclude. The play was very good, very sharp and fast, and laugh out loud funny. The only downside was that it turns out there is zero legroom in row B at the Lyttleton Theatre which put a bit of a strain on my injured knee. At interval I arranged with Nick that I would sit on his left for the second half, so that, if necessary, I could stick my right foot out into his leg space and he would understand why. After the performance, he mentioned that I didn’t seem to have taken advantage of this arrangement – I pointed out that I had in fact repeatedly attempted to gently nudge his foot out of the way but he had remained oblivious and I hadn’t liked to try whispering to him as we had already been getting dirty looks from a woman in the row in front, on account of him rustling a sweet packet!

Billie Piper played the Rebekah Brooks character, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when, queueing for the loo at interval, I turned around and discovered Matt Smith right behind me. Sorry to report that he is no more physically attractive in person than he is on screen – seems like a nice guy though and certainly responded politely when a fan approached him to discuss his performance in American Psycho.

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