Day 69

Level 2 Chi Kung sitting down. Microcosmic orbit.

After the fabulous weather we had in late spring and early summer, it would be churlish to complain that it is chilly today, even though we are still in the middle of bloody August, but hell, my knee is hurting so I’m going to go right ahead and be churlish. It’s a deeply unpleasant shock to come back from Italy and find London feeling distinctly autumnal. Over the spring and summer we had gradually gone from a 13.5 tog duvet to a 3.5 tog duvet and then finally to a thin patchwork quilt (bought at the Great Wall in 1997 and chosen partly for thinness so it would fit in the suitcase home). Arriving home in the early hours, neither of us had the energy to find the duvet, and, as a result, we froze all night. Nick is already talking about draining the pool but I am hoping (against logic) for a last burst of good weather.

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