Day 64

Did Level 2 Chi Kung and microcosmic orbit and took the children swimming in the pool while Nick walked up to the Sanctuary of the Avvocata, a small religious building on a ridge 1000m above the village. To be clear, he was in it for the challenging exercise rather than the spiritual experience! But he is now so fit that he didn’t find it challenging other than the plagues of biting insects. Dash and I having woken up very red and tender, I had decided that we had better seek the shade today, so we both swam in long-sleeved shirts and tried to stick to the shady side of the pool. This was a bit frustrating for Katie, as she seems to have inherited her Gran’s olive skin and is going a lovely golden colour with no sign of burning, so she herself had no need to stay in the shade, but is of course too young to go swimming unless Nick or I accompany her. I couldn’t think of any way I could take her swimming in the sea without getting more burned, and she begged, pleaded and nagged Nick all afternoon but, sadly for her, he is very adept at ignoring her.

Fortunately, we had the fireworks to look forward to. Nick went out for dinner with Kate and Dash while I minded Jack, and had difficulty getting a table – the village was seething. We had been told by the staff at our hotel that the fireworks would start at 10:30, so we went out about 10:15 and found what we hoped would be a good vantage point. 10:30 came and went and we wondered if we were in for a long wait, but, promptly at 11, it was suddenly all on. It was over in 20 minutes – which in my books makes it about 2 hours short of a proper fireworks display, but it was nice while it lasted.

20140815 Fireworks at Maiori

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