Day 63

Took the children swimming in the hotel pool. Level 2 Chi Kung. Microcosmic orbit. Took the children for a ‘quick’ swim in the sea except it was so perfect we stayed in for 2 and 1/2 hours. Until today the sea has been like a mill pond but today there was quite a big swell. I wasn’t sure how they would cope with it but they loved it and we had a great time – though Dash and I are now rather singed. Katie seems to be going brown whereas sadly Dash and I are honouring our Viking ancestors by rocking the boiled lobster look. Hey ho. Back to the room and into clothes for a trip to Villa Crimbone – not to eat at the eye-wateringly spendy restaurant but to visit the attached gardens. The drive to Ravello was interesting¬†in a life- threatening kind of way. But Ravello was beautiful and the gardens were lovely. It is so lovely now that Kate and Dash can enjoy this sort of visit – just wished that Ann Eade
could have been there with us, as she would have loved it – though not the drive to get there! Home to takeaway pizza and now looking forward to an early-ish night. Ferragusto tomorrow, so we will be sticking close to home, and staying well away from motorised transport.

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