Day 236

Level 2 Chi Kung.

On the way home from school, Katie told me a long story about a dream she had last night, in which she woke to find the whole house submerged, up to the eaves, in sparkly-white, pristine snow. In the dream, she climbed out the attic window and jumped down in order to create a tunnel to allow Sherlock to go in and out of his dog door. For weeks now she has been tortured by forecasts of snow that never seems to materialise, so when she woke from this wonderful, glittering, ecstatic dream, in which she had the role of dog-rescuing hero, she was delighted to find a thin sprinkling of actual snow on the ground. For her sake I do hope we get a bit more. Both her and Dash are desperate to do the boiled-maple-syrup-tipped-on-the snow thing. Katie is also convinced that Sherlock will love snow and want to frolic in it. I am not so sure – this morning he showed not the slightest interest in the little bit of snow. And far from any desire to frolic, he seemed rather keen to stay in his bed in the warm kitchen as long as possible!

An appropriately wintry treat on Radio 4 this week: The Ice Wife. Utterly gripping – I can’t wait for the next episode.

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