Day 235

Level 2 Chi Kung.

A day of completing errands and receiving small bits of good news. I was delighted when the (fairly new and rather grumpy) cleaner reported that the oat-based Aveeno Cream I gave her last week had cleared up her little boy’s eczema without her having to use the steroid cream provided by the GP. The number of people I have put onto Aveeno Cream, J&J really ought to put me on commission. Then I received word from the builder working on my Christchurch house to say that all the asbestos has been removed and they are just waiting for the clean air testing to get the all clear to go back in and finish off the work. On the errands front I confirmed the date and venue for Jack’s transition review, arranged a tour of a sixth form college he might attend, began dealing with the laundry mountain (again) and brushed the dog. Normally Sherlock just goes to the groomer, but we somehow missed booking him in and now we can’t get an appointment until the 7th of March. He is already looking like an animated sheepskin rug, so heaven knows what he will be like by March.

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