Day 169

Level 2 Chi Kung.

A quiet day at home with Katie off school. Got the boys off to school, then set Katie up, well rugged up, with plenty of craft materials and the computer to watch and, amazingly, she let me sleep for an hour and a half. I was almost thwarted by the builders, who arrived unexpectedly to remove the boxing from the concrete slab and collect all their gear. They padded in and out, making the gate squeak and graunch in a most annoying manner – totally unnecessarily because Tudor had taken Sherlock again. I finally couldn’t stand it any more and went downstairs to tell them that the dog was away and they could just leave the gate open, but of course I got one of the ones who doesn’t speak much English. Luckily they left soon after that and, finally, I got my long-awaited nap. Felt so much better afterwards.

In the afternoon I cuddled up on the sofa with Katie and watched Katie Morag – a lovely little show about a wee girl growing up on the fictional Scottish Isle of Struay – on iPlayer. I am now keen to find a recipe for ‘porridges’ (note the s) which seem to be some kind of sweet sticky cookie. Can’t seem to find one on google but maybe Phyll Buchanan can help me?

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