Day 167

Level 2 Chi Kung.

Having dug out yesterday, the builders returned today to lay the damp-proof membrane and mix and pour the concrete. Having builders around makes me very pleased I bought a percolator a couple of months ago as it makes a large volume of coffee at once and is much easier than waiting for the espresso machine to make 6 big mugs. Sherlock was in his element when they arrived – happy to have his ‘playmates’ back – but about 1030 they rang the doorbelland asked if I could keep him inside for the next couple of days to keep him away from the wet concrete. I called him and a very wet and muddy dog shot up the garden and proceeded to cover me and the kitchen floor with muddy, cementy footprints. At first he was happy enough to be inside with mummy, but when he realised that he couldn’t actually get out he was clearly a bit upset about it. Wondering how we were going to get through two days and nights I hit on the idea of calling Tudor, the man who contacted us through BorrowMyDoggy and borrows Sherlock for walks etc. As soon as he heard our predicament he agreed to collect Sherlock after lunch and keep him overnight. I packed up some food, the lead and Sherlock’s blanket and Sherlock went happily off with his friend.

I felt sorry for the builders working in light but fairly relentless rain and kept them supplied with coffee. No chance of a nap as I was waiting for the delivery of the new freezer. It was meant to arrive between 7 am and 2 pm but didn’t finally arrive until 2:45 and, as I have to leave to collect Katie at 3 pm …

When we got home, I realised that the slightly over-ripe bananas had reached critical mass, so I made banana bread. Luckily I made two loaves, as the first was 2/3 gone within minutes of Nick and Katie arriving home from swimming!

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