Day 166

Level 2 Chi Kung.

Really determined to have a nap today, so, as soon as I got home from dropping Katie, I fed the dog, heated a wheatsack, piled an extra quilt on the bed, disconnected the landline and climbed under the duvet. I had been asleep for all of 15 minutes when my mobile rang. I groggily answered, intending to put whoever it was off as quickly as possible and go back to sleep, but it turned out to be Guy, the landscaper who had said yesterday that he would get around to laying the concrete slab in the back garden ‘some time in the next two weeks’. Another job must have fallen through, because he had phoned to ask if he could come around within the hour to discuss the job, with a view to having the guys start digging out this afternoon. I didn’t want to put him off as I had been a bit worried about the two week timescale, as the concrete will take ages to harden off in this damp weather and I didn’t want to end up missing our chance to have the build done for free. No point going back to sleep then!

Sherlock was very excited by the arrival of the builders and ran round and round the back garden in high velocity circles, leaping up on them and me, frequently and with some force. They insisted that they didn’t mind, but I expect the next quote I get is likely to include an additional allowance for putting up with the dog!

Katie has become very focused on finding me a new vocation so that I don’t have to go back to PHE or ‘that boring old office’ as she calls it. Regular readers will recall that she was trying to persuade me to become a childminder, like Clara’s mummy, until she came home from a play-date at Clara’s declaring ‘there are too many babies in that house’. Then she thought we could write children’s books together until she found writing the first page of Jill and the Giant Sandcastle rather harder work than she was expecting. On the way home from school today, she revealed her latest plan: I should be a baker and work in a bakery/cafe. I should take my lunchtime at 3 pm so that I can pick her up from school and take her back to the bakery where she can sit at a table and do her homework and eat cake. On days when she doesn’t have any homework, she can just eat cakes. And nobody will have to pay for the cakes she eats, because her mummy will have made them! When I sounded dubious about this plan, she suggested that the right time to implement it would be at the end of my career break, when I had been back at my old job for a couple of weeks – at which point I should be highly motivated towards the bakery option!

So, in CV terms – a strategic thinker with a clear focus on long term goals!

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