Day 157

Level 2 Chi Kung.

Nick’s turn to have the morning off, so I made gingerbread pancakes for the kids. I have great difficulty getting the ancient gas hob to maintain a pan at a steady low heat and have been trying various pans and griddles. I had high hopes for a heavy pan I bought a while ago which is the kind you are meant to season, so that, having started off shiny steel, it gradually goes completely black and becomes that holiest of grails – an effectively non-stick pan that can be used on a very high heat. The pan was gradually blackening up when poor Nick used it to make chilli one night and the next day timidly presented me with a pan which was, once again, all shiny silver. I thought at first that he had scoured it, but no, the it seems that the chilli itself had dissolved the coating! I don’t eat chilli, so I can’t attest to the impact, if any, on the flavour.

I had hoped to get the Christmas photo done this weekend but the light has been terrible. I bet we’ll get lovely autumn light while the kids are at school next week. I may have to give in and try to do an indoor one – the price of printing the cards will go up sharply if I don’t get them off to a printer before the end of November.

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