Day 131

Level 2 Chi Kung.

A hassly start to the day. Last week, a letter came home from Katie’s school saying that a photographer would be in school today to take class photos. To avoid last minute hassles of the ‘my favourite outfit is in the wash’ variety, I immediately initiated a discussion with Katie as to what she might want to wear. She repeatedly answered that she would like me to choose. This morning, she again said that I should choose, but that it shouldn’t be a dress, trousers or track suit pants. I genuinely wasn’t sure what that left!

J: [perplexed] What does that leave?
K: [indignant] Leggings!
J: Ok. [rummages in draw] These ones?
K: Fine.
J: And this top?
K: Great.

Then, as she had left her coat at school yesterday, we agreed that she would wear a hoodie for warmth, but that she would take it off for the photograph. We went downstairs, I made her breakfast and then left her, watching something on her iPhone, while I went up to make the bed. Downstairs in plenty of time to leave, only to discover that Katie had decided to engage in some messy play with honey and yoghurt, and the carefully selected outfit was now liberally covered in a sticky white mess. Cue frantic (and rather exasperated and sweary) sponging. Now running too late to take Sherlock, we had to go without him and take the bus. He was devastated.

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