Day 130

Level 2 Chi Kung.

This morning, Jack looked like the victim in an old-fashioned vampire film: deathly pale with big dark smudges under his eyes and, just as he was meant to leave for school, he announced that he felt too ill to go.

Sherlock and I dropped Katie at school then headed for home to look after Jack. Not that he is any trouble – so long as supplies of toast and marmite are maintained! The plumber arrived at 11 to quote for moving radiators, installing outside taps etc. I wasn’t hugely impressed with him – so I am hoping he won’t be the lowest quote!

Last December, the APM project management course I was booked on for work was cancelled at short notice. Due to a series of unfortunate events, I didn’t manage to get re-booked before I finished work – in fact the earliest booking I could get was the week commencing 27th of October. Next week in other words, so I have to somehow manage to muster up some motivation to focus on what must be one of the most boring topics known to man. There is about 20 hours of pre-reading, which I dutifully started today: very soporific! I will have to really discipline myself to get it done.

At six I met Vicky Angell at the cafe in St James’, Piccadilly to see Sergio Margano. I didn’t know what to expect – I was really just tagging along with Vicky – but it turned out to be about lucid dreaming. Quite interesting, though I found his accent hard to catch at times.

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