Day 127

Level 2 Chi Kung.

Friday and Sherlock was very relieved to be included in the school run again! Although Jack isn’t ill in any discernable way, having him home from school seemed like a good opportunity for some pampering so, after I had dropped Katie at school, I encouraged him into a nice hot bath and then cosy lying-around-home clothes and let him spend the day on the sofa watching DVDs. Normally the computers are set up so that the children each get an hour of log in on week days, and two hours a day on weekends – but I see no harm in letting them ‘binge-watch’ on a sick day.

Meanwhile I got various bits and pieces done around the house – nothing very interesting but all satisfying to cross off the list. For years I have used the same emollient cream to keep my dry, sensitive, (and sometimes eczema-prone) skin in good condition. Recently, they brought out pump pots of it, which are more convenient and also provide 300ml for the same price as 200ml bought in tubes. The snag is that you can’t get at the last 50ml or so. Now, if you’ve been following the maths, you’ll see that the pump pots are priced such that you could discard the last 50ml and still be ahead of the game. But I’m afraid that between a Presbyterian upbringing and a green conscience, I just can’t bear the waste – both of the cream and of the pump pot, which can’t of course be recycled unless it’s empty and clean. So almost-empty pump pots build up all around the house until, every six months or so, I gather them up, slice each pot open with the bread knife, scrape the remaining cream into a piping bag and ‘pipe’ it all into one of the pots. Then I rinse all the cut open pots and stick them in the recycling. It’s a bit of a faff but, for some reason, it’s enormously satisfying once it’s done!

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