Day 6

Admin, gardening, playing with the dog, laundry, fruit loaf.

I put Sherlock’s profile on a canine dating site called Borrow My Doggy, which matches people with dogs with people who would like to have a dog in their life but can’t own one for some reason (no garden, landlord won’t allow pets etc) and he has already been favourited by several prospective dog borrowers. Very exciting.

I’m normally a bit unresponsive if the children come downstairs wanting attention after we’ve been through the agreed bedtime routine, but I took pity on Katie this evening as I had to admit that the smell of the fruit loaf baking was really mouth-watering. She came down just as it was getting cool enough to cut, scarfed down a couple of still-warm slices thickly buttered and toddled off back to bed as happy as a clam. My sisters¬†will no doubt remember the smell of Mum’s fruit loaf cooking and agree that refusing Katie a slice would have amounted to cruel and unusual punishment!

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