Day 7

Admin, doctor’s appointment, Selfridges, dinner at the Savoy, bargain tickets to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (with Robert Lindsay).

Decided to get a taxi from Selfridges to the Savoy as the traffic was really heavy and I didn’t think the bus would make it in time. The taxi driver asked if I’d had a good day and I thought about it for a moment and said ‘Well, in my book, any day that ends with me jumping in a cab and saying “Take me to the Savoy” is a pretty good one. This seemed to put him in a good mood and, in the end, he got me there so quickly I had time to pop into the Savoy Theatre and score tickets in the 5th row of the stalls for 1/4 of the normal price. Sadly my inadequate (non-existent) research had failed to reveal that this production of Scoundrels is a musical! It wasn’t terrible and Robert Lindsay is always worth watching but I’m pleased I didn’t pay full price.

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