Day 133

Level 2 Chi Kung.

On Tuesday, Sherlock didn’t get to go on the school run on account of the yoghurt incident. When I got home, he was all upset and needy, so, after giving him a bit of a cuddle, I let him play around my feet while I cleaned the kitchen. As I cleaned, I couldn’t help noticing that Sherlock himself was less than pristine – particularly about the nether parts. So, once the kitchen was sparkling, I changed into gardening clothes and gave him a bath. I gave him lots of stroking and a few little treats and he was very well behaved, standing calmly in the warm water with tail wagging throughout. Well today is Thursday and, once again, Sherlock couldn’t come on the morning school run on account of me needing to drop Katie’s phone off for film club. And once again I arrived home from the school run to a needy and rather manic wee dog. But this time, when I opened the kitchen door, instead of whipping into the children’s living room in the hope of hoovering some crumbs up off the floor, he trotted straight upstairs. I followed him up and, sure enough, there he was waiting patiently beside the bath! I seem to have ended up with the only dog in history to positively enjoy baths!

Jack finally went back to school today after a week at home. I think he had got a bit too comfortable at home with mum and it took some persuading to get him out the door. For the first few hours I kept checking my phone for messages from the school, in case he managed to convince them that he was at death’s door. Which is surprisingly easy for people with naturally pale skin – I recall when I was at high school that I only had to go near the office for them to usher me into sickbay, paranoid that I might throw up on the carpet.

In the evening we had tickets to the first of the James plays, The Key Will Keep the Lock, at the National Theatre. Bloody marvellous and unexpectedly funny in parts. Best line: Young Queen Joan is horrified to discover that her marriage is to be consummated in the presence of a large number of inebriated Scottish nobles. The king assures her that he will be slow and gentle but, looking around at the drunken yobs surrounding the royal bed, she says ‘No, be quick. Please just be quick.’

Really wishing I had managed to get tickets to the other two plays in the series.…/james-i-the-key-will-ke….

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