Day 134

Level 2 Chi Kung.

With the dreaded project management course looming next week, there could be no further delay in doing the pre-reading. After starting conscientiously on Monday and discovering that it defines a whole new level of boring, there seems to have been no end of excuses for not getting back onto it during the week. It’s fortunate however that I did go back to it today, as I discovered that the incompetent prats at Civil Service Learning had (again!) failed to send joining instructions. CSL have some cheap deal where they take whatever training room is available at the last minute, with the result that, until a few days before the course, the location is just specified as London – ignoring the fact that which part of London it is held in matters a great deal in terms of travelling times. I made a formal complaint about this last year on the grounds that it makes it next to impossible for people with children to plan childcare, or those from out of town to book a convenient hotel, but got an unhelpful, broken-record-technique response. Whoever invented the broken-record-technique should probably be shot – politely, over and over again! And of course it also means that, if they send the joining instructions to the wrong address, all you know is that you should be at a course somewhere in London!

Even since I got Nigella Bites, I have wanted to try Nigella’s recipe for Elvis Presley’s favourite sandwich, but have been thwarted by the fact that it requires white bread and we mostly have wholemeal, so that when white bread does come into the house, the children devour it in short order. Anyway, the availability of all required ingredients coincided today with me feeling the need to reward myself for reading all the boring project management stuff. Here’s the King’s recipe, via Nigella, with minor tweaks of my own.

Lightly toast two slices of white bread.
Spread one with peanut butter (Nigella recommends smooth but I used crunchy), then pile sliced banana on top.
Sprinkle the sliced banana with a little lemon juice (my addition).
Place the other slice of toast on top and fry the whole thing in melted butter until crisp and golden.
Consume while listening to ‘A Little Less Conversation’.

Fabulous! It has the interesting effect of making one feel totally stuffed with food, while at the same time half inclined to immediately make and eat another one (the results of which can be seen in archive footage of Elvis’ later career). I am happy to say that I stopped at one. One sandwich that is – I consumed several more songs before I got back to the project management pre-reading!

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