Random musings – forensics, Rosetta, India

Level 2 Chi Kung.

There has been a fascinating series on Radio 4 over the last week or so, about the development of forensic science. Dr Crippen (famously apprehended after the first use of ship-to-shore telegraph to capture a fugitive) was eventually hanged for the murder of his wife, based on forensic evidence. However he maintained his innocence to the very last, and DNA testing has now revealed that, not only do the human remains found buried under the brick floor of his cellar not share DNA with his wife’s descendants, but they aren’t even female!

This child of the moon landings has been enjoying the Rosetta coverage.

I have never had much desire to go to India – six hours in Bombay airport was enough to put me off – and, listening to the coverage of the sterilisation camps, I have less still.

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