Days 226 & 227

Level 2 Chi Kung.

Cold, short, winter days, on which I ventured outside only to take Dash to guitar and, on Sunday, for Nick to give me a lesson on how to use the shredder. I believe he has fond visions of the large pile of prunings (which has built up over the 14 months or so since we last did any shredding) rapidly disappearing, however activities which require full safety equipment, goggles, hearing protection etc are not really the type of gardening I gravitate towards. Still, hope springs eternal – maybe if we get some slightly warmer days, I’ll get out there and make him proud.

During the process of wresting order from the chaos of the children’s rooms, my intention to de-clutter fairly ruthlessly was derailed somewhat by the constant discovery of very cool stuff. As far as I recall, Katie wrote the attached towards the end of year 1 – when she would have been about 6 and a half. I love it for the eccentric but well thought out spelling, and the prominent role given to parties and the sharing of treats!

Katie's story about Fethers the peacock

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