Day 98

Day 98: Level 2 Chi Kung Body and Mind Process.

Calais! Totally impressed with the shuttle. So easy and quick – so much less stressful than flying. Will definitely consider rental car/shuttle for our next family holiday. Left home about 10am and, even losing an hour on account of the time difference, arrived in Calais in time for (a sadly mediocre) lunch at a little bistro opposite our hotel. After lunch we found a nice park and tried to walk off the frites, then headed to the wine shop to collect the wine I had pre-ordered. The wine shop paid our shuttle fares and the £4.50 per bottle we saved on the 6 cases of wine should more than cover all the other expenses of the trip. Wandered around and added a couple more cases, including some inoffensive Shiraz (Rosemount) to mull for the bonfire night party and a few bottles of pudding wine and other little treats. All well below UK prices. Back to the hotel for a nap (naps being one of the great treats of travelling without the children. For dinner we decided not to take any chances and went for a Michelin-recommended restaurant with very high ratings on trip advisor. Nick loved his food – I thought mine was shite. I sometimes wonder if I am becoming too fussy. While waiting for the tarte tatin to arrive (BTW who the hell makes tarte tatin with bloody shortcrust – made me think of Pam Ayres: ‘and if your teeth had got a bit too long like, well that’d be the stuff to grind them back’) we were talking about various plays we’ve seen and I started on my top ten list.

Number one, without a doubt, is Jerusalem, starring the wonderful Mark Rylance. Seen in London with Nick Curnow and then (because I got all evangelical about it) again with Betsy Boo. It was clever, funny, moving, magical…

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